My Real Speech by Oobah Butler

My name is Oobah Butler and I would like to thank the staff at Cider House Kitchen for welcoming me into their kitchen and for making me a part of my dream.

I am now the president and co-founder of Cider House Kitchen, a family-owned culinary venture specializing in delicious home made cider. The Cider House brand has been enjoyed by chefs around the world and is being sold through hundreds of restaurants and specialty boutiques, giving Cider House Cookbooks a global reach and international reach for a small start-up. This month, Cider House Cookbooks will be releasing their fourth edition with recipes from their Cider House Cookbooks, All Your Cider Needs #1 – "Lemon Rind Ale". The recipes are delicious, and if you have never had citrusy sour beer before I encourage you to give this recipe a try. If you don't enjoy that lemon taste with Cider House you can always try some fresh lemons. It's just as tart as lemon juice, yet sweeter. These days I am also adding lemon zest to my cider as well as adding grapefruit in place.

Throughout my career as journalist I have always been interested in the politics of the public sphere.

I think he's right and he did.

In the early 1980s I went to the London Times, where I was editor from 1983 until 1984. I'm glad he did. At times during these years of being the editor of the London Times during the Thatcher years, I wrote a lot and I was writing about my experience. And we did try to take the reader into the heart of the stories.

There was no doubt that the Tories were on a crusade against us and not the other way round. So we went out and went to some of the great investigative journalism in the country.

I thought it was a remarkable success - and in the late 1980s people still refer to this story as "Big Business" because of the amount they spent, and on some occasions the size of the investment they made.

The newspaper came from a very big source - General Motors. There were a bunch of guys from the paper, they went around in very expensive Mercedes-Benz limousines. They went everywhere to do interviews.

I would like to read a few quotes that have inspired me through the years, though not because of this film, but some that I've been watching since I can remember. I don't have the full list of quotes so instead I've simply put them here in the hopes that they will be inspiring or inspire me.

"All men are created equal, that's how it goes"
- Thomas Jefferson
"I've never had better luck to win the lottery than for a girl"
- Billy Mays
"When a girl is done working you gotta make her hot all night, and no good is going to come out of this one"
- Jerry Lee Lewis
"I've known enough women to know that your penis will be the least successful of all sexual organs"
- Michael Corleone
"My wife's a fine actress, I just wanted to say what I think her penis should be like after an argument with my daughter"
- Robert de Niro
"My wife told me she never slept with him, but she slept with you"
- John Travolta

I would like to note that I could not have been here tonight if not for the kindness and generosity of many patrons, including Dr. B.B. and my mom, who were both able to support me and my dad for a wonderful time. If you have a restaurant that is struggling and needs some help, why not contact me?

I hope you will all leave tonight inspired to think hard about your personal choices and the ways in which you choose to live and die. In the spirit of Christ's life, we will pray for today's world and strive to see a future of mercy and love. With this hope all of you can continue to pray for Christ, our savior, our Lord. Amen.

Thanks again and I hope that my review helps you find the best value from this unit.

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